Laboratory Services:
Provide our engineering department with a representative sample of
the material to be processed in your aggregate plant, and we will
analyze it in our lab. Available tests are:

* Material Gradation Analysis.
* Hardness Test.
* Compressive Strength Test.
* Abrasion Test.

Plant Design:
Based on the lab results, we will recommend the most appropriate
crushing equipment for your operation. The selected equipment will
comply with your raw material characteristics and with the required
final product(s)size(s).

Plant Layout:
A schematic layout of the components of the plant, detailing each
component and its function within the plant.

Material Flow Computation:
Computer generated flow of material including percentages of
material processed at each crushing/classifying stage. Final output
in TPH for each product size is included.

For more information call 305 885 5220, 305 885 5221.